Yes! I *can* ghostwrite your blog!

Even better? I can make it awesome!

I have over six years experience blogging for business both as a founding co-owner of Babes in Arms and as a ghostwriter for numerous businesses here in Calgary, plus more than ten years experience blogging personally.

I would be happy to ghostwrite for your blog regardless of the topic, but I do have a very good base of knowledge on the following topics:

  • pregnancy, birth, parenting, babywearing and cloth diapering
  • death, dying and funerals
  • retail sales
  • marketing
  • natural and organic products – food and personal care
  • sustainable homes – design and building (including a variety of green building options such as strawbale, earthships, tiny homes, yurts, cob, shipping container homes and more)
  • permaculture and organic farming
  • polyamory
  • LGBT issues
  • food and cooking
  • homeschooling
  • preparedness and outdoor survival

Let’s chat about how I can increase the traffic to your blog and help to build community among your clients and target market. Samples and references available upon request.

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