Copy Editing

Copy editing and proof reading is pretty much the ultimate fun Friday night for me. Figuring out the most elegant way to rearrange your words, and double-checking your spelling and punctuation to make sure they’re just right is better than a crossword puzzle as far as I’m concerned (this analogy will only make sense if you find crossword puzzles fun).

I have sat on the editorial board of Calgary’s Birthing magazine since 2014, providing a final proofreading eye on the magazine and working in close contact with the Editor in Chief.

I have edited one book so far and would love to add to that short list as I really enjoyed it.

And did I mention I have a Journalism degree? I even made the President’s list with a 3.7 GPA!

I’d be happy to edit your article, essay or book for flow, grammar, general spelling and punctuation, and style. Contact me for rates!

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